Malaysia summons N. Korea envoy over Kim murder


North Korea’s ambassador to KL Kang Chol was asked on Monday to account for remarks where he accused Malaysia of “colluding and playing into the gallery of external forces.” 

Chol made the comments at a press conference on Friday following the killing of Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother of North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un on Malaysian soil on February 14.

“The Ambassador…insinuated that…the Malaysian Government had ‘something to conceal,” a Malaysian foreign ministry statement said.

It added that any criticism of Malaysia’s handling of Jong Nam’s death was “baseless” and that it took “very seriously any unfounded attempt to tarnish its reputation.”

Malaysia Mordfall Kim Jong Nam (picture-alliance/Kyodo)

Pyongyang’s ambassador to KL Kang Choi has been critical of Malaysia’s handling of the investigation into Jong Nam’s murder

Kang also said on Friday that Pyongyang would “categorically reject” the results of any postmortem conducted without its permission.

Forty-five-year-old Jong Nam died after two women apparently sprayed a poisonous substance into his face as he prepared to board a plane to Macau at KL International Airport. He suffered a seizure and died before arriving at hospital.

Manhunt for several people

Four people have been arrested in connection with his killing. Police believe four others fled the country on the day of his death.

Jong Nam was once thought to be the natural successor to his father, the then-North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il. But after Jong-Il’s death in 2011 the succession went instead to his younger half-brother Kim Jong-Un.

Following the ensuing spat, Malaysia recalled its ambassador to Pyongyang for consultation, the ministry said.

Wednesday for autopsy results

Meanwhile, Malaysia’s health minister said on Monday that the autopsy results for Jong Nam’s body could be released within two days.

“We are talking about the normal period of time to complete most post mortem and give results,” Health Minister Subramaniam Sathasivam told reporters in response to a question about when results would be released.

Also on Monday, Japanese broadcaster Fuji TV on Monday published grainy CCTV footage on YouTube of what it said was the attack on Jong Nam being carried out.

The clip shows a man, supposedly Jong Nam, entering the airport and looking at the departures board. It later shows the moment the two women approached him, with one of them appearing to reach over his head from behind. They then move quickly away.

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